Also known as Restorations, this procedure is done to replace decayed tooth structure. Dr. Cutlatsakes does not use Silver Fillings, or Amalgam, to restore teeth with cavities. Rather, we use white fillings, also known as Composite Restorations. Attention is given when filling teeth to replicate the original form and appearance of the tooth before it became decayed.


The composite fillings that have been developed through recent advancements in technology are stronger than ever before. Composite fillings allow Dr. Cutlatsakes to match the shade of your existing natural teeth with precision. This produces a superior aesthetic appeal for you, as well as a superior option for fillings for current needs. Composite fillings are an excellent solution for repairing defective silver fillings that have been placed in earlier times. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cutlatsakes to find out how you can avoid future problems with silver fillings by replacing them now with the advanced composite fillings.